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Nabil Bank launches Cheque Deposit Machine for clearing

Nabil Bank has launched a cheque deposit machine to facilitate cheque clearing. The leading commercial bank announced that the machine had gone live via its social media post on December 05, 2023. It’s a KIOSK machine that delivers customer services digitally and in a very straightforward and efficient manner.

With the Nabil Cheque Deposit Machine, customers themselves can directly deposit cash into their Nabil bank accounts after performing the outward cheque clearing. With this machine, customers can deposit cheques even in non-office time.

Nabil cheque deposit machine

The company has currently launched this service from 10 branches including 6 branches in Kathmandu valley and 4 branches outside the valley. The bank expects the machine to save time for the customers with its prompt service.

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Nabil cash cheque deposit machine available

The bank says that the Nabil Cash Cheque Deposit Machine service is available in 6 branches in Kathmandu and 4 branches outside the valley:

In KathmanduOutside Kathmandu
Naya BaneshworButwal
New Road 

Nabil Bank has valued digital banking services and continues to add tech and innovations to provide advanced digital services to its customers. The bank has launched a cash deposit machine “Nabil Cash Machine“, a revolutionary nBank, that adds value and convenience to its customers nationwide.

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