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Mega Bank Announces Ek Se Ek Bachat Khata, Free services

  • Mega Bank announces Ek Se Ek Bachat Khata with an attractive interest rate on deposits
  • The scheme also includes offers on debit cards, mobile and internet banking, eCommerce, etc.
  • The saving plans are categorized under three himalayas names – Sagarmatha, Kanchanjungha, and Lhotse.

Mega Bank Nepal Limited has launched an attractive saving account called Ek Se Ek Bachat Khata. The new scheme includes an 8.03% interest rate on deposits besides multiple other benefits.

The bank has categorized the offers under the name of three himalayas – Sagarmatha, Kanchanjungha, and Lhotse.

In all three offers, depositors will get the same interest rate. However, other benefits will vary.

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Mega Bank Announces Ek Se Ek Bachat Khata saving under three schemes

Under the Sagarmatha saving account, depositors need to have a minimum of Rs.2,101 in their account. Besides a hefty interest rate, they will also get a free Visa Debit Card and mobile banking services for 2 years. Similarly, they will receive free online dollar prepaid cards for free in the first year. Internet banking and eCommerce registration will also come for free.

For saving in the Kanchanjungha scheme, it requires at least Rs.1,101. Just like with the Sagarmatha scheme, depositors can receive many services for free from Mega Bank. Under this, both Visa debit card and mobile banking will come for free for one year. You will also receive free internet banking and eCommerce registration.

Mega Bank Announces Ek Se Ek Bachat Khata

Likewise, a saving account under the Lhotse scheme requires a minimum of Rs.101. Under this, the depositors will receive a Visa debit card and mobile banking services at a 50% discount in the first year of account opening.

If you choose this plan, you will also receive an online dollar prepaid card at a 50% discount in the first year of opening the savings account. Meanwhile, internet banking and eCommerce registration also come for free.

As stated, all three types of saving plans include the same 8.03% interest rate. Visa Credit Card is also available on all the saving plans.

Meanwhile, customers will also receive a 0.25 base discount in the retail loan process, and get locker service. 

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