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Khalti and NESA Partner for Esports Digital Registration

Leading digital wallet Khalti and NESA (Nepal Esports Association) have struck a partnership for the digitalization of the online games registration process.

The collaboration seeks to register the coming events and tournaments of NESA electronically.  Additionally, it also aims to help with digitizing enrollment and registration of the online gaming ecosystem in Nepal.  which will eventually bolster the presence and reach of Esports in Nepal.

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Khalti and NESA to Cooperate for Esports Digital Registration in Nepal

NESA is an organization that aims to promote Esports as a mainstream sport by ensuring equal access. The agreement with khalti will streamline payment processes, enhance security, and facilitate cross-payment compatibility during the registration process.

Binay Khadka, Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed his delight at the cooperation with NESA. He said,

With our trending and youthful brand proposition, we are excited to collaborate with NESA for the digitization and promotion of the Esports ecosystem of Nepal. Moreover, we aim to provide a seamless and convenient enrollment and payment method for gamers.”

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Similarly, Mr. Suraj Shrestha, President of the Nepal Esports Association commented,

“ This is a new step for Esports in Nepal and we believe support from private entities will push Esports to new heights.”

Khalti says that it has ventured into this strategic partnership to create awareness about the potential and future of online gaming in Nepal.

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