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1Xbet Case: 8 artists including YouTubers released on bail, some were earning up to 40 lakh

8 artists who were arrested in the 1Xbet case for promoting online betting have been released on bail. After weeks of staying inside police custody for investigation as decided by the District Court of Kathmandu, the disgraced YouTube content creators and artists have finally walked out. During the initial investigation, the artists were found to have been earning up to 40 lakhs for promoting online gambling.

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Which artists were arrested in the 1Xbet case?

Popular artists and YouTubers have been nabbed in the 1Xbet case. The names include: artist/YouTubers Marichman Shrestha (Balchhi Dhurve), Raju Poudel (Raju Master), Pawan Khatiwada (Myakuri), Alice Rai, Jalan Gharti Magar (Jalan), Ganesh Devkota (Ganesh GD), Saroj Ghimire (Dhedu Budho) and Begum are accused of promoting 1Xbet. Nepali (Bhatbhate Maila) was arrested on June 15, Thursday. The arrestees were then sent to the district police complex in Kathmandu for further investigation.

It was found that some actors received hefty money for promoting online gambling. The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office has shared that some of the arrestees said they were receiving up to 4 million during the initial investigation.

Senior Superintendent of Police Dr. Manoj KC said that some of the eight arrested artists and YouTubers earned five lakh and some earned up to four million.

The arrested reportedly also admitted to taking money for promoting 1Xbet betting. The arrested would place the promotional content in their videos along with the promo code of the betting app in their videos uploaded on their YouTube channel.

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Another 5 were arrested in the same case

The police launched an operation stating that artists and YouTubers are attracting the youth into betting through advertising. The day before the infamous arrest, five agents were apprehended by the team of the Valley Crime Investigation Office on June 14, Wednesday on the charge of betting through online gambling.

It was found that they had made transactions worth Rs 74 crores. One individual named Dinesh Khadka was found to have made 64 crore transactions single-handedly. Their case is now being investigated by the Kathmandu Valley Police.

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