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People in Karnali can Register discrimination on Dignity app

The people of Karnali can now register instances of discrimination on the ‘Dignity’ mobile app. The service could help bring just to the victims of antisocial crime and keep everyone alert on the presence of law against such behavior.

People can register behavior relating to caste-based discrimination, violence, segregating acts, etc. through a mobile app, Gorkhapatra writes.

Samata Foundation has built the Dignity mobile app. The governor of Karnali Province Tilak Pariyar launched the app on Wednesday, December 14.  

He expected that the app will play a role to minimize caste-based bigotry in the region. Likewise, Pradip Pariyar, Executive Director of Samata Foundation said incidents relating to discrimination and untouchability will be collected through the app.

The app is expected to make cases of divisive behavior bring to light through a mobile app. Karnali is still deeply rooted in extremely rudimentary beliefs and remains the most backward region in Nepal.

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The Dignity app allows both registrations of discrimination and follows ups

Samata Foundation Manager Tirupati Pariyar said the app allows both registration and follow-up of events.

The Karnali Province coordinator Mangalsen Sarki said that the app was started from the region as it has the highest number of people categorized ‘Dalit’.

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Despite the gradual improvement in education and social consciousness, Karnlai still remains rooted in rudimentary practices. Caste-related discrimination and violence are still common but technology can play a role to promote social inclusion. But how far it becomes effective remains to be seen.

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