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Vyas Municipality Introduces Digital Payment for Taxes

From now on, the public in Vyas Municipality can benefit from digital payment as the local body starts the service for paying taxes.  

The service was inaugurated by Vyas Municipality Mayor Baikuntha Neupane at a recent event. He started the service by paying taxes electronically.

During the inauguration, Mayor Neupane said that the electronic payment was launched in coordination with Gandaki Province.

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Digital Payment in Vyas Municipality

The digital payment in Vyas cost Rs 2 crore to set up. After the service came live, all 14 wards inside the local body’s jurisdiction will have the facility of online payment.

Mayor Neupane said, “We will make our online tax payment system efficient, faster, and reliable. We will move ahead correcting any shortcomings.”

He also said that each ward will have a civil charter to make the area technology-friendly.

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On the same occasion, Vyas IT engineer Tikaram Dahal said that power and the internet must be ensured to promote online payment systems. He added that traditional payment is inconvenient and time-consuming and with the changing practices, shifting to a digital mode of payment is necessary.

Digital payment is becoming the norm across Nepal. From departmental stores to street vendors, digital payment, QR Scan & Pay have facilitated people with mobile payment. In recent days, various governments have also integrated facilities for electronic payment helping people with time and hassle.

Vyas Municipality has become the latest local government to initiate the service. For further information, do convey your queries in the comments below.

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