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How to report the failed transactions on Machhapuchchhre Bank app?

Nepal’s prominent commercial bank Machhapuchchhre Bank (MBL) has launched a service to let customers report unsuccessful transactions. The service is available through the bank’s mobile banking app and website.

The bank has been at the forefront of launching innovative services utilizing and implementing modern technology in digital transactions. In line with this very theme, the bank has now introduced a facility where customers can report unsuccessful failed transactions can be reported to the bank via its mobile banking app and portal.

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Machhapuchchhre Bank lets you report and see the status of unsuccessful payments

Not just reporting failed digital payments, MBL also lets you see the status of unsuccessful transactions or where the progress stalled. Likewise, the bank will send notice of returning the money back to the customers via a message and email.

Machhapuchhre Bank, which is introducing itself as a smart bank using many dimensions of science and technology, has said that it has provided this facility to free the customer from the hassle of having to physically contact the bank and call the bank to withdraw the amount of the failed transaction to the bank without having to come to the bank.

How to report an unsuccessful transaction on the Machhapuchchhre Bank app?

To report an unsuccessful transaction or a payment on the Machhapuchchhre Bank app, follow the steps below:

  • Open Machhapuchchhre Bank app (MBL M-Smart)
  • Go to Statement
  • Report failed payment.

After submitting the report, the bank proceeds with the payment. If it does turn out to be unsuccessful, the bank’s system automatically returns the money to the customers in their bank account.

MBL has been playing a leading role in digital banking providing various digital services. The bank is also the first in Nepal to introduce an offline payment service. Allowing customers to report failed transactions adds value to the customers and improves their satisfaction with the bank, it’s a type of service that all banks might follow soon.

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