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27th Bhatbhateni supermarket outlet opens in Damak, Jhapa

Bhatbhateni supermarket has opened its 27th outlet in Damak, Jhapa with a special ceremony organized on Falgun 23 to mark the occasion.

The market popularly described as providing “nundekhi sunsamma” meaning from salt to gold, made itself available to meet the demands of the people in Damak. The supermarket chain operates with its theme of “Customer satisfaction, our objective” and has household to luxury items to buy from its exhaustive range of inventory.

Having over 12 outlets inside the capital, Kathmandu, the posh and grand Bhatbhateni supermarket is now open in almost all the major cities around Nepal.

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Bhatbhateni in Damak Jhapa is the 27th across the country

In the meantime, customers will get 10%-20% discounts for a few upcoming months. The supermarket will also soon have two cinema halls. The market will open at 7:30 AM and closes at 8:00 PM.

Speaking of the Bhatbhateni in Damak, its parking lot can accommodate 500 two-wheelers and 150 four-wheelers. Bhatbhateni continues to expand its supermarket dominance across the country with the outlet in Damak being its 27th to date.

Bhatbhateni in Damak, Jhapa 27th outlet
From the opening ceremony of Bhatbhateni in Damak, Jhapa | Source: Via Facebook/BhatbhateniSupermarket

Bhatbhateni in Damak will give employment to 300 locals and play a part in the local economy as well as promote infrastructure development. Do read: Digital Transaction Limit of Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, and Wallets in Nepal

Bhatbhateni is Nepal’s leading supermarket chain with 5,000 employees. The market directly sees transactions of Rs 8 crore a day across its outlets thanks to an average of 1.05 customers visiting its stores daily.

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