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Now You Can Apply For Nabil Bank’s Dollar Card Online

Now you can process your dollar card online from Nabil Bank. Learn how you can apply for Nabil’s dollar card online.

Since Nepal Rastra Bank approved dollar card issuance from Nepali banks, many entrepreneurs and individuals seeking for it to perform international payments. Taking its demands, several commercial banks jumped in and started distributing dollar cards to their customers. But due to the second COVID-19 lockdown, it has become difficult to apply for the card at banks.

To rid its customers of physical presence at banks, commercial bank Nabil Bank has begun an initiative that makes it easy for the bank’s existing account holders to apply for Nabil’s dollar card online.

Now Nabil Bank account holders can apply for “Nabil iCard” (its term for the dollar card) on their official site.

How To Apply For Nabil Bank’s Dollar Card Online?

Existing account holders of Nabil Bank can go to this page and click on Apply Now. If you are an existing user, then fill up the details and proceed. You can also download the form and fill it up to submit later. But that is not the case right now.

Apply For Nabil’s iCard

After submitting all your details, the bank verifies them and processes the submission. To obtain the card, however, you will need to visit your concerned bank branch.

You can call customers service centre 01-5970015 for more details on it.

 Having a dollar card, also known as a prepared dollar card or iXard, helps in foreign transactions via a formal channel (Nepal Rastra Bank). After it has started in Nepal, Nepalese can pay for Google apps, Netflix, eBay, Amazon, Spotify and etc. without depending on third-party channels or relatives living abroad.

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Are you intending to apply for a dollar card from Nabil? You can do it by visiting the provided link on this page. If you are already using it, let us know your experience of it in the comments section below.

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