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Clubhouse Arrives in Nepal: 5000K+ Download on Android Debut

iOS sensation Clubhouse arrives in Nepal following its global launch on Android. The app is in its beta phase and remains invited-based.

Social networking app Clubhouse is now available for Nepali Android users too. The audio-chat app went online on March 21 on Play Store and has registered a whopping 5000+ downloads on launch.

Clubhouse’s official Twitter handle posted a tweet announcing the advent of the popular app on the Android platform, the world’s largest mobile OS.

The app is still in the beta phase and we can expect more updates to woo its new users.

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What is The Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse app is a social networking platform based on audio chat. Users can tune in to ongoing conversations, interviews, or discussion between people on topics that interest you.

The app was exclusive to IOS only since its inception in 2020 March keeping Android users out of its range till just yesterday. But after Elon Musk, Oprah and other celebrities joined the Clubhouse, its popularity spiraled far and wide. Consequently, the app has been launched on Android to reach out to a larger audience.

It Is Still Invite-Based!

You can not just download and enjoy the features of this app. Just like on IOS, the app is still invite-based which means new users can either join the waitlist or get an invitation code from an existing user. Then the app asks you to choose the topics of your interest, like tech, health, education, books, or business. The more topics you select, the more influencial people and room recommendations you can receive.

The app gives recommendations of interesting users and rooms based on your topics of interest. You can also leave the rooms anytime, and browse for other conversations elsewhere within the Clubhouse.

As the name sounds, the app is like a virtual conference where a user can listen to their favorite people talk about the topics of their interest. It is like listening to a podcast but everything live with the feel of exclusivity.

The app is compatible with smartphones running Android 8.0 or later. But Android 11 has been touted as the best version for the optimum usability.

Download Clubhouse app: Android|IOS

Are you going to use the Clubhouse app on Android? Do you think the apps’s arrival on Android could pose a threat to existing social media platforms? Let us know your take on this in the comments section below.

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