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Nagarik App To Be Available For Free On Your Mobile: Nepal Government

If you have downloaded the Nagarik App and use it frequently then there is good news for you. The government of Nepal is planning to make this app free of any data charge for users. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has already started its homework to provide free mobile data to the public for the highly popular app.

That means the telcos will not charge you when you use Nagarik App on your Mobile from data. As the Nagarik app is an online service, you need to be connected to the internet. Now, that you use any service on the app, they are charging the regular data whether on PayG or from your data pack. But as known, this mobile data usage from Nagarik App will be made free soon.

Since releasing last Friday, the app has been downloaded more than 300k times on both Apple’s Apps Store and Android’s Play Store combined with 100k active users. Despite some issues, the app has been functional for many and has availed them a multitude of essential government services right at their fingertips.

The app is expected to render the service transparent, productive and rid people of all the inconveniences while acquiring the services. The app is set to become the truest form of decentralized service for people.

Nagarik App Free on Nepal Telecom and Ncell Mobile

The MoCIT is working closely with two major mobile service providers to materialize this plan. It has formed a committee that will work on the scope and nature of the government’s plan and help to implement it in the near future. The MoCIT has coordinated its server status with the government-owned telecom company and also exchanging cooperation with Ncell. Once the details have been worked on, users will be able to run the Nagarik App for free on Nepal’s two largest mobile network.

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Nepal Telecom is expected to bring the service within the next week while talks with Ncell are still ongoing. However, Smart cell have not been part of this. Therefore, mobile users on Smart Cell may not be able to get this service for now.

Note: Due to fewer customers base Smart cell will not be part of this plan. Hope they won’t make Smart Cell users disappointed in the end.

Although the app browsing will become free, going to apps stores and downloading the app will still cost data charges. Once a user launches the app and starts negotiating the services, it will not cost a penny.

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The Nagarik App has been a flagship vehicle for the government’s Digital Nepal Framework Project reforms and thus the government is leaving no stone unturned to enhance the app experience for the public. The app has already set a tone among the Nepalese and when it comes to free of cost service it will only add to the charm.

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