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Udaypur’s Baiabu Rai Becomes Facebook’s Senior Software Engineer

Udaypur’s Baiabu Rai has entered Facebook as a senior software engineer at its headquarters in California.

Nepali born Baiabu is originally from Udaypur. She was the inhabitant of Salthumka, Rautamaai Rural Municipality-2 before setting out for her higher education.

The 29 years old Baiabu will take the helm as Facebook’s senior engineer from this week. She will be earning an attractive 183,272 US Dollars of wages annually.

She was born to mother Shanta Rai and Father Myambar Rai. Her father is a retired Nepal Army veteran while her mother works at an INGO USAID.

The Nepali Born Engineer Will Be Earning NRs. 1.8 MN a month at Facebook.

The highly gifted Baiabu began her school education at Udaypur’s Laliguraans Boarding School. Later she joined the prestigious Budhanilkantha for her SLC.

Excelling as always, she received a scholarship to pursue her college degree in Britain. She never had to look back then as it continued to thrive.

After British college experience, the prodigious Baiabu flew to America and enrolled at the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in scholarship. She studied Computer Science and graduated in 2013.

Since the news of her appointment broke out Tuesday Baiabu has amassed praises and admiration from her friends and family. Best wishes and congratulations have continuously poured in for her. The news has drawn cheers and appreciation by the Nepali internet community too. Several Facebook and Twitter users extended their best wishes for the Nepali born prodigy.

Baiabu Rai Nepal to Facebook

Started in 2004, Facebook inc. has become the largest social media platform. Despite competition from similar media it has continued to maintain its top perch due to its continued innovation and exciting features.

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As of now, Facebook boasts a mammoth 2.7 billion users worldwide. Meanwhile, in Nepal, there are currently 10,520,000 users browsing the famous social network as of Jan 2020. The number accounts for 34.4% of the entire population.

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