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Fonepay settles Rs 10 billion transaction in a single day

Nepal’s largest payment operator Fonepay has set another benchmark by settling a whopping Rs 10 billion transactions in a single day. The company said that the record was registered on Ashoj 30.

On this achievement, Fonepay CEO Diwas Sapkota expressed his delight and thanked all related for their continuous support. He said, ‘This achievement is a matter of great pride for us. Our collective efforts to empower digital payments in Nepal have been fruitful. We have continuously prioritized our customers’ needs and have accordingly moved forward toward the goal of further expanding our payment solutions. I would like to thank the banks and financial institutions and regulators who have stood as the pillars behind our achievements and supported us.’

Fonepay has many other records too. Like this one: FonePay Records Rs 100 Billion Transaction Volume in Poush

Fonepay has transformed our payment habits

Fonepay is Nepal’s leading payment system operator but is a young venture. Fonepay was launched in 2019 but grew significantly in the years to come. Especially, during the Covid-19 lockdown, the idea of contactless payment helped proliferate its popularity among smartphone users and merchants. Fonepay is also going borderless bringing Nepal-India payment to smartphone users across the two countries.

Fonepay also got the backing of most banks and financial institutions and digital wallets which grew its accessibility. Users can find the Fonepay Scan N’ Pay feature on mobile banking apps and digital wallets which allows them to make payments for goods and services on the go.

The rapid expansion in just five years reflects the company’s determination to improve and expand its services to more customers. To sum up, Fonepay has been one of the vehicles in the promotion of the digital economy and digital transformation of Nepal. It has changed the way we see money and pay for goods and services we buy.

Fonepay is a subsidiary company operated by F1Soft Group which is a leading digital financial services provider in Nepal with 19 years of service.

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