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eSewa launches Scrow to make online shopping safer, how to use it?

Nepal’s leading digital wallet eSewa has launched a new service “eScrow” which aims to make online shopping safer. This new feature aims at relieving online buyers of problems relating to advance payments.

The company believes eScrow will end the problems such as products not being as advertised/promised, untimely delivery, and the seller going out of contact.

eScrow is available on the eSewa app and ensures payment amount safety for online shopping payments.

What is eSewa eScrow?

It’s a third-party mediator which facilitates a safer transaction for online shopping. It helps with the secure payment facility between sellers and customers. Eradicating potential problems related to payment and making online shopping more trustworthy is the purpose of the feature, says eSewa.

So, if you place an order for something on an eCommerce platform, you can just make a pre-payment and “hold” the payment amount in eSewa. Only after your desired product lands and you are convinced, you can release the amount and get it paid to the seller. This ensures the amount goes to the right party and shopping also becomes convincing. The scam is growing in online shopping and many customers complain of being swindled or not getting the product they saw being promoted, so this feature would come in handy. eSewa’s eScrow feature is available within “Send Money.”

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How to use eSewa eScrow?

You need to follow the steps below to benefit from the eScrow service of the eSewa digital wallet:

  • Launch the eSewa app.
  • Tap Send Money.
  • Enter the recipient’s details and the amount to be paid.
  • Turn on the eScrow feature.
  • Now, you need to agree to the service charge for using eScrow.
  • Enter more details.
  • Confirm it.

After you are convinced of your online shopping, you can release the amount which remains on hold. The amount is wired to the seller’s account and the service charge is deducted from the recipient’s eSewa account. The charge for eScrow service is set at just Rs 10.

To make the service more useful, there’s also a provision for registering a complaint regarding your online shopping if any issue arises. This incurs a charge of Rs 50. It’s available from the “Complain” option on the eSewa app.

eSewa eScrow payment amountService chargeComplaint handling charge
Up to Rs 25,000Rs 10Rs 50
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