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NEA inaugurates a 140kW charging station in Dhangadhi

NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) has inaugurated a 140kW charging station in Dhangadhi, the temporary capital of the Far-West Province. The EV charging station has been installed at the premise of the Sub-Metro’s office and came into operation on August 06, Sunday.

The Sub-Metro’s Deputy Mayor Kandakala Rana and NEA’s Provincial Office Director Janga Bahadur Chanda jointly inaugurated the newly installed electric vehicle charging station.

The city’s mayor Gopal Hamal said that the charging station has been brought into operation to encourage a shift towards the creation of an eco-friendly transport system in city areas. The mayor hoped that the charging points at Phulbari Bus Park and the one at the Sub-Metro’s office will promote electric transport service.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Dhangadhi

The charging station in Dhangadhi Sub-Metro Office has a 140kW capacity. There are 2 DC chargers with 60kW capacity each that can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes. It provides Level-2 EV charging. Such a charger is ideal for long-distance traveling EVs. There is also a 22kW AC charger which takes around 4 hours to fully charge an electric car.

For payment, a QR code and a mobile app can be used. NEA has set the charging fare based on the time of charging.

For charging in the morning and in the evening, an EV charging costs Rs 10.44 per unit, for charging at noon, it costs Rs 8.28, and after 11:00 pm, it costs Rs 6 per unit.

NEA is setting up 50 EV charging stations across Nepal with Asian Development Bank.

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