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Barcode Nepal develops an affordable OMR technology for paper checking

Barcode Nepal has developed an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology aimed at educational institutions. The affordable OMR solution is capable of checking thousands of students’ answer sheets in a short span of time.

The technology does exist widely in Nepal, however, they are imported and costly. But Barcode Nepal has brought it at a low cost which should ease off buyers in domestic markets. Many educational institutions have been employing OMR technology for assessing their regular exams. Additionally, OMR sheets are also used for elections, bank forms, feedback forms, etc.

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How does OMR work?

In OMR technology, students mark their answers which are mostly dashes, circles, ticks, or dots on OMR paper which are scanned by automated machines called Optical Mark Reader. The machines are equipped with the software. Students submit their answers in an excel file.  

OMR sheet
An OMR sheet sample | Source: Antargyan

The technology developed by Barcode Nepal is based on computer vision. The company says that no expensive hardware is required for this system and the service will also be provided locally.

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Barcode Nepal’s OMR technology is based on computer vision. It doesn’t require expensive hardware which is one of the reasons for its affordability.

The company plans to provide its OMR service at the local level too.

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