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ChatGPT Plus Available in Nepal | At USD 20 a Month

The premium version of ChatGPT Plus is available in Nepal. The paid service for the viral American AI chatbot costs $20 a month for Nepali users, the same as the global users. The company OpenAI has confirmed the rollout of the online chat service’s paid version in Nepal.

The $20 a month translates to roughly Rs 2,600 in Nepali currency. Nepali users can pay for the paid subscription of ChatGPT Plus in Nepal using a dollar card. The company says the premium version includes a few more features compared to its regular version.

For an instance, users don’t normally get a response from ChatGPT during peak hours when it is too busy with many users’ queries. However, the Plus version users will get a reply from the chatbot even when the network is congested.

Paid ChatGPT Plus in Nepal
ChatGPT Plus version

Besides, paid subscribers of ChatGPT will get to test every new feature before their commercial rollout to all.

The company says the free version users won’t be affected by services despite the Plus version availability.

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Premium version “ChatGPT Plus” features

  • Faster responses
  • Access to features before their public rollout
  • Responses even during peak hours

For those who want easy, and prompt responses, ChatGPT Plus will be ideal.

Nepal is growing to be the popular chatbot’s key market. In an earlier report, Nepal emerged as the top second country to search ChatGPT online.

ChatGPT has become remarkably popular in a short span of time due to its detailed response to user queries. It already has over 100 million users becoming the fastest to reach the figure.

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