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Access Garima Bikas Bank Mobile Banking Service From Abroad

By revamping its mobile banking services, Class A commercial bank Garima Bikas Bank has made its services accessible from abroad. The bank brought the service to extend the reach of its banking services beyond the particular geography and take its services within wider reach for its customers.

Now, the Garima Digi Batuwa service has become accessible from foreign countries as well on mobile and web versions. This innovative service lets customers manage their finances through various channels. With it, customers can run their balance inquiry, transfer funds bank-to-bank, make utility payments, top-up mobile balances, or book travel tickets, etc. efficiently. So far, the bank’s services were available to customers in Nepal only but the bank has taken its mobile banking services beyond the border.

How to use Garima Bika Bank Mobile Banking Abroad?

To use Garima Bikas Bank’s mobile banking service abroad, follow the steps below:

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While accessing the bank’s services from a foreign country, customers can use their account and transfer money up to Rs 10,000 daily. Likewise, fund transfer of up to the same amount of Rs 10,000 is available from NPI transfer. Up to Rs 50,000 can be transferred via Send Money, Interbank Transfer, Schedule Payment, and IPS Transfer daily.

You can access the service on Garima Bikas Bank’s mobile banking app or on its website.

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