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SEBON starts chatbot on its website to hear out investors’ complaints

The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has launched a chatbot service accessible on its website. The regulatory body seeks to hear out and address investors’ complaints via the electronic helping hand.

SEBON announced the start of its chatbot service at its World Inventor Week- 2023 event held in Kathmandu.

During the event, Board Chairman Ramesh Kumar Hamal said, “From now on, investors can convey their complaints or queries via the chatbot. We are committed to addressing all the queries we receive.”

Hamal also remarked that financial literacy is very low among investors. He expressed hope that the chatbot will play an important role in promoting financial literacy.

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You can access the SEBON chatbot service on its website which rests at the bottom on the right. Upon clicking the chatbot icon, you can start submitting your queries. But due to its beta phase, you get responses that might not suffice.

In our check, we found that if you ask “What do I need to apply for an IPO?” It will only respond with what IPO means. It will likely improve in its upcoming versions.

sebon chatbot service

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