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Vianet Launches Purple Pack in Partnership With Ncell

Vianet, one of the leading ISPs in Nepal has partnered with Ncell Axiata to launch Purple Pack. This is the first association between an ISP and a Mobile service provider to create a new package that includes Internet, TV, and a mobile SIM with various offers.

With the Vianet Purple pack, you can get 80 Mbps of internet, 175+ TV channels, and a free Ncell SIM. The free SIM from Ncell includes 48GB of free data and free Voice, SMS for those who buy the purple pack. The free 48GB data comes as 4GB data per month for a year. While you will also get free mobile to access the Vianet Mobile app, free 50 mins on-net calls, free calls to the Vianet call center, and 50 SMS within NCell for a month.

The offer starts on August 26, 2021.

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The cost of the Vianet Purple pack with 80 Mbps Internet is Rs 1600 per month. As per Vianet, the regular cost of the pack is Rs 3834 but now comes at a highly discounted rate.

Vianet will roll out the package first in Kathmandu valley only. After piloting here, they are known to extend the offer to more areas. You can contact Vianet at 98010464140 or visit their website for more info.

Now that CG Net has entered the Internet scene in Nepal, ISPs have begun to create several differentiating schemes. This from Vianet and Ncell’s partnership yields a promising campaign too.

Tell us what do you think of the Vianet Purple pack, which combines Ncell SIM having free data, calls, SMS with 80 Mbps Internet, TV combo, in the comment box below.

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