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NTC CUG Pack Brings More Data and Unlimited Voice Calls | Find Detail

NTC CUG pack brings more data, voice calls, and SMS to its subscribers. CUG short for Corporate User Group is designed for organizations in which at least 10 members can receive affordable data and voice calls. Learn about the revised CUG plan of Nepal Telecom below.

Recently, NTC had revised some offers to widen the CUG pack to make it beneficial to more NTC users. Now, this pack will be available for all the GSM & CDMA users on both prepaid and postpaid subscriptions. Moreover, the closed user group can also add a landline number within the CUG range.

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Ntc CUG Pack: Monthly Voice Calls, and Data Package

CUG subscribers can make unlimited voice calls for free, browse the internet at a cheaper rate, and exchange SMS. NTC has included CUG schemes at Rs.200/500/1000/1500 price ranges for customers with varying needs and affordability.

S.NNTC CUG packsVoice call among the corporate group (Per month)Voice call to any Ntc number (per month)Off-net callData package (per month)
1Rs 200 (Prepaid Only)unlimited100 mins10 mins1GB
2Rs 500   (Postpaid)unlimited500 mins50 mins5GB
3Rs 1000 (Postpaid)unlimitedUnlimited (7 am to 7 pm) or 1000 mins100 mins10 GB
4Rs 1500 (Postpaid)unlimitedUnlimited (7 am to 7 pm) or 1500 mins200 mins20 GB
NTC’s CUG pack detail

For NTC prepaid uses under Rs.200 plan, the subscribers get unlimited voice calls although this offer is exclusive among CUG subscribers. Besides, they also get 100 mins of voice calls to any NTC number a month, and 10 mins of off-net calls. Now, NTC has bumped mobile data to 1GB under this plan which is a significant increment from the previous 140MB.

Likewise, Rs.500 plan is available for NTC postpaid users. Under this plan, the customers will get 500 mins of voice call to any NTC number per month, an additional 50 mins off-net call to any network, and unlimited voice calls within the CUG members. For mobile data, NTC has also improvided the bandwidth volume from 1GB to 5GB.

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More Data at Rs.1000 and Rs.1500 Plans

Similarly, customers with Rs.1000 will get unlimited voice calls within CUG, an additional 1000 mins on-net calls, and another 100 mins of off-net calls. Meanwhile, they will get a hefty 10GB of data for browsing.

Moving to Rs.1500 plan, users will get unlimited voice calls within the CUG range, unlimited calls from 7 am – 7 pm, or 1500 mins all-time calls. They will also get 200 mins of off-net calls. A large 20GB of mobile data is also available for them.

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How To Subscribe To NTC CUG Pack?

NTC’s CUG offer is for corporate offices that are in need of more frequent calls and mobile data on the go. To register for the CUG pack, an interesting office needs to send a request letter with employees’ number and their preferred pack. Keep in mind that:

  • The service is available from all NTC branches across Nepal.
  • The number of employees must be at least 10 to be eligible for the CUG scheme.
  • In case, any customer hasn’t got a NTC number, they can apply for one at the same time.
  • The offer is available for all prepaid or post paid NTC users. on both GMS and CDMA networks.

Are you eager to activate NTC’s CUG pack for your phone or do you want more improvement to the CUG scheme? We would love to get your valuable feedback. Do let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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