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You Can Update Your Ntc KYC With Thegana ID Mobile App

Now you can update your Nepal Telecom Ntc KYC with Thegana ID mobile app. The government-backed telecom operator has reached an agreement with the digital address maker.

Ntc subscribers can use the Thegana mobile application to update their Ntc’s KYC details. Users who have found it inconvenient to visit the telco’s office for the same purpose will find it very feasible to be able to do it remotely on a smartphone.

Thegena Services founder CEO Bishal KC said that now, Ntc users won’t have to go to the telco’s branches to update their KYC details.

“Subscribers can fill up and submit their KYC details at their home by downloading the Thegana ID app.” The service is authentic and once the detail is filled up, it will be useful for years to come.  

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Update Your Ntc KYC With Thegana App

Users need to submit their citizenship, driving license, or other documents to verify their identity. And the data is kept securely by the company. KC said that the user data submitted won’t be accessible to any unauthorized hand.

For now, we have only started the KYC service but we plan to launch other Ntc services using the same KYC detail. And once the KYC detail is filled up, the same will be applicable for all the member organizations connected with Thegena ID.

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Thegana ID is Nepal’s first digital addressing solution. The company provides electronic addresses of areas which tend to be more accurate than physical maps. The startup is in discussion with various other companies to expand its service scope.

The company says that soon it will launch a mobile app titled Thegana ID.

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