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Hamro Patro now allows sending remittances from Australia to Nepal

From Monday, November 20, Nepalese working and living in Australia can send remittances to Nepal via Hamro Patro. This became possible after the super app expanded its service down under. The company says that the first three transactions will be free of cost as part of its promotion.

Sudina Gautam, Director of Fintech Operations at Hamro Patro, Inc. shared the news of Hamro Patro’s expansion of remittance service in Australia. She added that the service followed the successful launch of the same in the US. “Hamro Patro Launches Remittance Service in Australia,” she announced, “Following its successful operation in the United States, we have expanded our remittance service to Australia. Starting today, Nepalese in Australia can now send remittances back home using Hamro Patro’s platform.”

She maintained that the first three remittance transfers would bear no cost for the customers.

nepalese in australia can now send remitance to nepal through hamro patro

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Send money from Australia to Nepal securely through Hamro Patro

The service allows many Nepalese living and working in Australia to transfer money back home securely and conveniently. Users can avail of the feature from within the Hamro Patro mobile app. It’s available on the website too.

Gautam continued that the company stresses transparent and user-friendly digital transactions and expressed her delight at service expansion in Australia.   

To send remittances from Hamro Patro, users need to register with their photos and documents and have their KYC verified. Account verification is necessary to be eligible for remittance service.

Remittance is one of the prime services Hamro Patro offers via its mega-popular mobile app. With the launch in Australia, the company plans to inaugurate remit service in Japan at the end of 2023.

Hamro Patro received the license for remit service in January 2022 and since then the company has been making strides in expanding the service in various countries.

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