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Nepalese Working in Korea Can Now Send Money to Mobile Wallets in Nepal

Nepalese in Korea can now easily send money to Nepal in a mobile wallet. This has become possible following cooperation between Hanpass Remit and Nepal Remit International Pvt. Ltd.

For remittance transactions, the CEO of Nepal Remit Sagar Khanal, and the CEO of Hanpass Remit Kim Kyung-hoon signed the agreement papers.

With this, Nepalese working, studying, and living in South Korea can send money through remit agents, mobile banking apps, and digital wallets to any bank account or 11 digital wallets in Nepal.

The company says that since the app allows users to send money even while at work, the service saves both time and costs.

Send money from Korea to Nepal | Nepal Remit and Hanpass Remit Cooperation

You can now send money from Korea to Nepal through Hanpass Remit. After the agreement with the South Korean company, Sagar Khanal, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Remit said, ‘We are very proud to collaborate with Hanpass. From now on, Nepalese can send money to Nepal quickly, easily, easily, and reliably through Nepal Remit,” Nepal Remit CEO Khanal said.

Likewise, Dev Bahadur Thapa, Deputy General Manager of Nepal Remit shared that the partnership facilitates paying the amount sent from abroad through banking channels and the concerned person in Nepal can receive money from more than 15 thousand agents of the company.

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Nepal Remit International has been in operation for 17 years receiving remittances from various countries globally. Stressing digital remittances, the company collaborates with remittance companies in many countries of the world for its service. It provides real-time remittances from many banks and financial institutions in Nepal into the customer’s account.

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