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National ID Card Project Speeds Up | 30 Lakh to Receive the Smart IDs First

Nepal government’s National ID Card project speeds up with 30 lakh in line to receive their federal ID cards this year. Department of National ID and Civil Registration (DoNIDCR) which operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs has accelerated its National ID campaign in recent months.

The Department’s Director-General Tirtharaj Bhattarai said to Gorakhapatra that allowing the District Administration Offices and 17 Area Administration Offices to issue the National IDs has helped gain speed in the project.

Bhattarai says the department (DoNIDCR ) has collected personal detail of 47 lakh and verified 42 lakh of them. Out of them, 30 lakh will receive their National ID card.

National ID Cards Are Digital And More Secure

The chip-equipped smart ID card contains the card holder’s citizenship detail, photo, the fingerprint of ten fingers, the retina of both eyes, and a digital signature. In addition, a 10 digit security code will also be assigned to every citizen’s ID Federal ID card.

Recently, the Nepal government began issuing e-passports for which you can pre-enroll from here. The digital passport has made the National ID cards more relevant. This is because the government seeks a National ID unique number for each electronic passport authentication.

National ID card project
Nepali passports

Bhattarai says, “National ID cards are more crucial even from the perspective of personal data security.” He adds, “E-passport mandatorily requires the unique number assigned for the National ID card. This is why the issuing of these IDs has gathered pace due to the necessity.”

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National ID Cards To Be Issued As Per Population Density

Department of National ID and Civil Registration will issue digital national ID cards as per population density. The Department will establish up to 4 ID cards desk to distribute the smart IDs.

Passport Department has continued its distribution of National IDs. Besides, eligible citizens can apply for their own at to issue the digital IDs. A separate desk will soon be set up for people outside the valley. Another National ID desk will be installed for Bhaktapur and Kathmandu soon.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also called for the concerned authorities to speed up the distribution of National ID cards. Department of Passport Director-General Dornath Aryal has suggested that the Federal ID cards must be distributed at an accelerated pace nationwide.  

The National ID project adheres to Article 51 in the constitution that pledges to develop an integrated federal ID card management system and manage the data of the citizens. It also mandates that this national ID link with the state services and facilities for the citizens.  

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National ID Card Number from SMS

National ID Cards are already tied to e-passports and will be needed for other government services soon. That is why carrying your unique National ID number is an extremely vital convenience. You get this number when you register for the ID. If you don’t have it, the government has brought an easy way to get the number to you. For this, you have to use the SMS service. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to Message
  • Type N <space> 16 digits application code.
  • Send to 30001

Now, you will receive your unique National ID card number.  If you still don’t, not to worry there is a way. You can contact your concerned office through WhatsApp. The numbers differ according to the regions. For Bagmati and Gandaki province, you can contact me at 9851316034. If you are from Lumbini, Karnali, and Far-West, contact me at 9851316035. You will also have to send the screenshots of the confirmation page, voucher, and message response to verify you are the original applicant. Then you can get your National ID Card number manually.

National ID card, e-passport, and the integrated Nagarik App have been the government’s key reinforcements to drive Digital Nepal Framework. These bring convenience to the general public who can now acquire major government servicers anywhere on the go.

Have you received your National ID yet card? Were the steps easy for you? Do share with us in the comments below.

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