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Nabil Bank Launches Nabil SmartPOS in Partnership with Daraz and Imark

Nabil SmartPOS is a portable Android-based payment solution that facilitates online payment on the go.

The portable payment solution brings next-level ease to the online payment experience with an Android semblance to online shoppers.

The digital payment service Nabil SmartPOS will begin from January 1, 2022, onwards.

Nabil Bank Ltd. has reached an agreement with Daraz and imark to launch a payment gateway dubbed Nabil SmartPOS. The trilateral agreement was reached yesterday on Dec. 22 at an event where the Bank’s CEO Mr. Anil Keshari Shah demoed the operation of its payment processor.

The payment solution will bring an easier method for the shoppers to pay for their goods on delivery without depending on payment cards. The shoppers will only need to scan the QR code on the portable SmartPOS and pay for their goods.

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The partnership is a unique collaboration between a bank (Nabil), a leading online marketplace (Daraz), and a digital payment solution provider (imark) which will enhance the shopping experience of Nepali consumers.

To kick start the new payment system, Daraz will soon include 100+ Nabil SmartPOS devices in their delivery. Likewise, imark which has developed the portable payment solution has provided over 4,000 Nabil SmartPOS to the bank.

The bank says its SmartPOS system will offer an advanced and secure digital payment service to the customers and be an excellent Value Added Service to its customers.

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How Does Nabil SmartPOS Work for Daraz Online payment?

Nabil SmartPOS allows shoppers to pay for their orders on delivery. While you can pay through credit/debit cards or digital wallets, the portable POS will allow a much convenient transaction with a scan and pay process.

  • Daraz delivery hero comes equipeed with the SmartPOS device. This package scans the QR code on the package to process its information.
  • Then, the device will show the payable amount on the screen.
  • The customer can now choose Pay Now and tap on the machine’s card reader.
  • This will process the transaction and the customers will get the receipt.

The service will begin from the beginning of the New Year. From that day onwards, Daraz online shopping experience will be better with easier payment methods thanks to the Nabil SmartPOS.

Nabil SmartPOS will add another mode of payment method for the online shoppers who wish to cash on delivery on Daraz. Will it elevate your online shopping? Do leave your opinion in our comments section below.

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