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Music Nepal is Issuing IPO, NIC ASIA Capital Issue Manager

Music Nepal is issuing IPO and has tied NIC ASIA Capital as the issue manager.

Nepal’s prominent record label Music Nepal is issuing Initial Public Offering (IPO). The 4 decades old company is set to bring in public funds soon.

The company has selected NIC ASIA Capital as its IPO issue manager.

Ramendra Rayamajhi, CEO of Capital, and Uttam Thapa, General Director of Music Nepal have recently signed an agreement to issue IPO.  

Music Nepal is a familiar name in Nepal’s music domain. It is arguably the most prominent music label in the country.

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Music Nepal is issuing IPO after 40 years since its inception

Music Nepal first launched in 2039 BS and started production in 2040 BS. Since then, it has been a synonymous name for the music industry home to an array of the musical genre over the decades.  

Music Nepal is issuing IPO

The company boasts the largest number of music content including songs in regional languages in Nepal. This also comprises a large collection of videos in digital form. With decades of service and dedication, Music Nepal claims to be the ‘undisputed market leader’ in the music business in Nepa.

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Issuing IPO has been a trend in Nepal lately and an illustrious company such as Music Nepal also bursting into the scene marks a milestone for the share market for its own credit. With public investment, we can expect the already affluent record label to aspire for more.

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