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Mt. Everest climbers now require a chip in their jacket

Mt. Everest mountaineers are now required to have a chip on them when they venture to climb the world’s highest peak. The mountaineering branch under the Department of Tourism has made it mandatory that mountaineers must have an electronic chip on their jackets for tracking, rescuing, and safety purposes.

According to the department director Rakesh Gurung, all the mountaineers of Mt. Everest will start their expedition with a chip starting upcoming Chaitra.

The initiative aims at adding a new layer of security for the climbers. The chip should help with their tracking which is paramount to ensure they are on the same path while it also becomes helpful to keep a check on the weather conditions and how the adventurers are feeling on their route.

Every year, thousands of climbers from abroad and Nepal obtain permission to summit Mt. Everest. But unfortunately, many lose their lives due to adverse conditions and many also lose their contact with authorities. The chip shall remedy many of such issues that have threatened many of their lives.

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Electronic chip for all the Mt. Everest climbers

The plan to compulsorily require every climber to have a chip was hatched last Spring. However, the lack of time delayed it. Gurung said that this plan would help with the search and rescue operations of the mountaineers in case they go missing during their adventure.

The Mt. Everest climbing chip cost

Such chips will reportedly cost $10-$15 and will be provided by the agencies. While many of the agencies have already incorporated this practice, it has now become mandatory for all. And there are some benefits to using a chip. Unlike GPS whose battery usually lasts for a few days only, chips can run effectively for months. It can even feed a signal of a climber’s location if immersed deep in the snow. The chip won’t be vulnerable to the extreme weather conditions on the mountain.

To ensure that everyone is using the chip, the Department of Tourism will coordinate closely with the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC).

Summiting the world’s highest peak Sagarmatha is a dream for many and a benchmark glory for many. But this very ambition has also got the better of the climbers as they can’t acclimatize to the excruciating weather on the mountain. Let’s hope that the chip addresses various issues that have proved challenging in the rescue operations of mountaineers and be handy in keeping everyone safe and secure.

How effective do you think electronic chips will be in ensuring a safe mountaineering adventure for the Mt. Everst climbers? Drop your opinion below in the comments.

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