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Switzerland’s famous MOVENPICK Ice Cream now available in Nepal

Switzerland’s popular MOVENPICK brand’s ice cream flavors will now be available in Nepal. A has been opened in Thamel, Kathmandu that will sell all-natural Swiss ice cream for Nepali connoisseurs of taste.

KL Dugar Group has started MOVENPICK Ice Cream flavors in Nepal.

MOVENPICK (Mövenpick in Swiss) is a popular Swiss ice cream brand known for making its products with authentic ingredients. The company specializes in ice cream and sorbet.

Nestle, another Swiss brand for food and drink owns the right to Movenpick Ice Cream for international markets. Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, US are some of the countries where MOVENPIC products are available. Ambrosia International Limited has an agreement to offer the brand’s ice cream in Pakistan.

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Where do I get MOVENPICK Ice Cream in Nepal?

You can get MOVENPICK Ice Cream in Thamel Kathmandu at an outlet at Thamel-The Corner. The store will be open from 11 AM to 11 PM. On Friday and Saturday, it will stay open till 2 AM.

Dugar Group says that Movenpick Ice Cream’s rich quality and authenticity come directly from its unique Swiss roots where each scoop will give a taste of Swirland’s rich heritage.

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