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Lalitpur Metropolitan begins metric house address system, houses, and roads to get digital IDs

Lalitpur Metropolitan City has brought over 60 thousand houses in its political territory into the metric address system. The local body has updated and distributed house numbers of 60 thousand and 988 houses which are based on the road network and metric system.

The move follows the resolution the municipality adopted 6 years ago. In 2074 BS, the Municipal Assembly decided to distribute the house numbers in its jurisdiction as per the road network and metric system. With the digital numbering in place, it will be easier for people to meet someone in Lalitpur as identifying people’s residences in the city has become more feasible. 

Lalitpur Metro’s Geographical Information System (GIS) Officer Uttam Karki informed that 60,988 houses in all 29 wards of the metropolitan city have been distributed house numbers based on the road network and metric system.

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Only permanent houses have got their metric address

Lalitpur metropolis has 91,399 structures recorded in its books. The list includes single residences, joint residences, commercial buildings, offices and institutions, monasteries, and all permanent and temporary structures. We have distributed house numbers only to houses with permanent residences. Temporary structures are only on record,” Karki added.

Lalitpur has 29 wards out of which Ward No. 14 has the highest number of 3,893 houses, while Ward No. 1 has 1,135 houses, the lowest among all. At the same time, the city has 9,920 roads including both main and section roads. Karki continued that besides house number distribution, 1,285 main roads have been assigned names and included in the metric system. Check out:

At the implementation of the metric address in Lalitpur, the city’s Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan said, “This is a crucial foundation for a smart city. From this, it will be easy to collect the revenue collected by the metropolis on time, and it will be easy to provide the services provided to the citizens on time.”

In this house numbering system, odd numbers are assigned to the houses to the right and odd numbers to the left from the main intersection of the road. Officer Uttam Karki said that the assigned number is based on the distance from the main square (chowk) to the main square of the house.

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GIS to operate metric house metric address in Lalitpur

Lalitpur Metro will establish a Geographical Information System (GIS) unit to operate this system and address any issues if occurred.

The metropolis signed an agreement with Geospatial System Pvt Ltd, Nest Pvt Ltd, and Innovative Concern Pvt Ltd on 23rd Poush 2077 for the house numbering system. However, the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the project and the project duration was extended. After completing the system, the companies handed it over to the  Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

Digital house numbering system is growing in Nepal across the local bodies and now it has also begun in Lalitpur. It will help with identification and is a mark for the digital transformation of the city. Are you delighted with this digital adoption in the city? Do share in the comments section below.

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