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Hamro Pay gets 11,000 users in just 24 hours since its launch

The number of Hamro pay users is steadily rising just hours after its inception. The in-app beta version digital wallet of Hamro Patro raked in over 11,000 user base within just 24 hours following its posh launch on Friday, February 17.

Hamro Patro Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shankar Uprety shared his delight at the positive reception of the company’s newly-launched digital wallet service. He said the figures exceeded the expectation.

“I am thrilled to share that our new wallet service, Hamro Pay, has received an overwhelming response from users. In just 24 hours of launching, more than 10K+ users created their wallet accounts – far exceeding our expectations for the launch day. I am grateful for our users’ trust and support,” shared a delighted Uprety on Facebook.

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Overwhelmed by the positive reception

The popularity of the long-awaited mobile payment services needs no further evidence. It has created a continuous buzz in the media for the past few days. Uprety shared that the company received over one thousand messages on their support chat leading to an ‘overwhelmed team’.

“It was incredible to see everyone from leadership to the engineering team chiming in to help our customers. It’s a testament to our amazing team’s dedication and commitment to serving our use,” he added.

Hamro Pay launch event
From Hamro Pay digital wallet launch event

Hamro Pay doesn’t require a separate app installation. It is embedded into the massively popular Hamro Patro app. Users can simply tap on the Hamro Pay option under Our Services on the Hamro Patro home screen and enter the digital wallet space. However, the service requires an account that can be opened using Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook and needs a KYC registration to use all the services. But due to the overwhelming number of users trying to gain access, Hamro Pay has struggled with its KYC authentication.

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Hamro Pay users struggling with KYC verification!

Uprety said, “With so many users signing up, we are experiencing a backlog in the KYC verification process. Our team is working tirelessly to address the issue, and we are doubling the compliance team size first thing on Monday when our office opens”.

Like other wallet services, Hamro Pay offers utility payment for internet, TV, electricity bill, topup, etc. In addition, there are other innovative features such as tracking transaction activities, and Split & Pay.

Hamro Pay services
Hamro Pay services

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A new option in the cashless digital wallet domain

With the service, Hamro Pay users will be able to utilize cashless payment without having to open another separate app. And while it is a separate addition to the multipurpose super app, it retains the same red theme of Hamro Patro.

The service offers money transfers, asking for money, utility payments, tracking expenses, etc. For users trying to start afresh with their digital wallet experience, Hamro Pay will serve as an exceptional alternative.

You get Hamro Pay digital wallet on both Android and iOS smartphones. In the meantime, you can also use the web version of the service.

Have you signed up for Hamro Pay? If you have, don’t forget to share how you feel about it in our comments section below.

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