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Gwarko Flyover Bridge Design to Undergo a Slight  Change

The Gwarko flyover bridge in Lalitpur will have a slight change in its design after an issue emerged in its structure. Navin Man Shrestha, Chief of the Quality Research and Development Center under the Department of Roads said that the decision to change its design was required after a complication in its earlier structural design.

The construction of the country’s first flyover in Gwarko was started on December 9, 2022. It is being built following international standards.

“We found out that the design made by the construction company needs to be revised, it is possible that the work will be completed in a week and will be noticeable in the field from the second week of Magh,” Chief Shrestha said, “We are discussing its design with consultants and will proceed according to the suggestions, he added.

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The Gwarko Flyover Bridge Design Change Won’t Affect its Construction Time

Despite the landmark construction undergoing a design change, it will, however, won’t impact its construction time and budget, shared senior Division Engineer of Development Center Saurabh Bajracharya.

He said that the foundation will go through a change for the construction. The time for the design change won’t take long. While it will incur a slight increase in the budget for the construction, it will be borne by the construction companies.

Similarly, the total length of the flyover will increase to 505 meters following the design change. The height will increase to 6 meters.

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The development center called for a contract in Shrawan 2078 to build the flyover in the engineering procurement and construction (EPC) model. The contract was settled later in Magh, 2078.

The center has signed a contract with RC, and SAMANTAR-RELIGARE JV for Rs 176 million (17.6 crores) for the construction to be completed in 2 years.

Breakdown of Gwarko Flyover Bridge Construction

After securing the contract, construction companies started work on the Gwarko Flyover design in Falgun 2078. Design and other initial works have taken 10 months period. The remaining 14 months will be spent on the construction of the flyover.

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Gwarko Flyover Will Relax the congested traffic

The flyover in Gwarko will make public transport in the ‘chowk’ area more feasible. As per the plan, the Koteshwar-Kalanki section of the ring road is extended and turned into 8 lanes. Out of which, the middle 4-lane road will be used for vehicles traveling on the ring road from the flyover. The vehicles running on the Mangalbazar-Imadol-Mangalbazar route will have to travel from under the flyover.

The total length of the Gwarko flyover bridge is 455 meters. The ramps will be built 180 meters to the right and 110 meters to the left for the vehicles to board the flyover.

Gwarko is one of the most traffic-congested areas and the flyover is expected to ease off transportation in the area.

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