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Free Data on Mobile Banking App of Sanima Bank on Ntc, and Ncell

  • Now you can enjoy free data on the mobile banking app of Sanima Bank on both Ntc and Ncell mobile networks
  • The free internet access lets you access all the mobile banking services available in the app.

Sanima Bank has launched a “No Data, No Problem offer”. The offer brings free mobile data to the bank’s customers to access services available on the mobile banking app. The bank says the free internet offer will be available on both Nepal Telecom (Ntc) and Ncell networks.

The offer is effective from August 1st, 2022.

If you are a customer of Sanima Bank and use an NTC or a Ncell SIM card, you can enjoy the bank’s services available on the app. Also read: Customers of Sanima Bank Can Transfer Money via Namaste Pay e-Wallet

The bank says customers can enjoy all the services with free data on the bank’s app. This includes bills payment, fund transfers, mobile top-up, etc.

Lately, many banks have launched free data offer to use on their respective mobile banking apps. Nepal Bank and Ncell did a similar collaboration while NIC ASIA Bank has done the same to offer free mobile banking services. This helps provide higher customer service reach and satisfaction. Additionally, customers will find it more convenient to use mobile banking services without bothering with data packs.

Download Sanima Bank mobile banking app: Android | iOS

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Would the offer be beneficial to you? Or do you want such a service to span across more banks’ mobile banking apps? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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