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Fonepay New Year 2024 offer: Two will win Xiaomi 12 smartphone

Fonepay has brought a new year promotional offer “Fonepay garne ho” on the occasion of the new year 2024 AD. This campaign is designed to emphasize how convenient it is to use Fonepay for digital transactions and has Xiaomi 12 in the mega giveaway for two lucky winners.

This promotional campaign highlights the fundamental benefits of using Fonepay- paying on the smartphone via Fonepay QR and how instantly it helps to transfer money with Fonepay Direct (Inter Bank Fund Transfer).

Promoting the new year 2024 offer, Fonepay has a message to its valued users, “Let’s make 2024 the year of convenience by using Fonepay as your preferred mode of payment.” Fonepay says that this campaign is an effort to encourage individuals to switch from traditional cash-based payments to instant, secure, and convenient payment choices.

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The Fonepay 2024 New Year offer giveaway- Xiaomi 12 smartphone

This new year campaign 2024 starts from December 29, 2023, to January 02, 2024, lasting for five days in total. Two lucky winners who use Fonepay QR or Fonepay Direct or both services at least five times during the offer will bag home a Xiaomi 12 smartphone.  

This campaign will drive smartphone users to adopt digital payment methods via Fonepay services. It’s a reflection of the company’s dedication to encouraging individuals toward the future of finance where digital payments take center stage as not just a choice but an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

Speaking on the campaign, Subodh Sharma, Fonepay’s Chief Strategy Officer said,

“Through this campaign, we are aiming to encourage everyone to integrate Fonepay services into their daily financial routines. Fonepay QR & Fonepay Direct echo convenience and Fonepay is always committed to empowering individuals and businesses to embrace a seamless and efficient payment experience”

Fonepay says that it highly prioritizes secure transactions and employs encryption and authentication protocols to guarantee safe payments and fund transfers in its network.

Fonepay is Nepal’s largest payment system operator (PSO) licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank and boasts an incredible market share of over 80%. Smartphone users can use Fonepay for payment and fund transfers within digital wallets and mobile banking apps.

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