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Enjoy Boating and Pay Through QR at Begnas Lake in Pokhara

Smartphone users can now pay through QR at Begnas Lake in Pokhara. Civil Bank has collaborated with FonePay to facilitate cashless payment at the popular tourist hotspot famous for boating. With the slogan, “Get Smart, Go Cashless”, 20 boat operators at the Lake have been distributed QR codes through the Boat Entrepreneurs Association for online payment.

Begnas Lake attracts thousands of visitors every year but so far physical cash has been the only mode of payment. Now with the QR system established, it will greatly ease off tourists with mobile payment.

And not just with Civil Bank users, users of digital wallets such as eSewa and Khalti will also be able to pay easily by scanning FonePay’s Scan & Pay feature.

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More options to pay through QR at Begnas

Besides, mobile banking and digital wallets, users of Visa can also perform transactions for rowing boats at Begnas Lake. FonePay has already joined a partnership with Visa to assist foreign nationals with digital transactions through mVisa.

Pay Through QR at Begnas

FonePay is the licensed Payment System Operator which has established interoperability with PSPs and various mobile banking apps. Users of mobile banking apps and digital wallets can pay through FonePay’s Scan & Pay feature for goods and services.

FonePay currently boasts an enthralling network of 60 banks and financial institutions and digital wallets. Additionally, it has over 6.20 lakh merchants benefitting from the cashless QR payment.

In sum, the leading PSO has over 1.40 crore beneficiaries through mobile banking and over 8 million users through PSPs across the country.

How easy will it be to pay through QR at Begnas Lake in Pokhara? Are you counting on a scan while visiting the popular tourist hotspot? Do leave a comment below and also share with us your experience with the FonePay payment experience.

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