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Digital Wallet IME Pay Appoints Praveen Regmi as its New CEO

Nepal’s prominent digital wallet IME Pay has appointed Praveen Regmi as its new CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The incumbent has already taken office recently.

He was cheered into the company at the town hall meeting of IME Complex at Pani Pokhari, Kathmandu. A special program was organized to welcome him into the company.

Regmi was welcomed by IME Group General Manager Hemraj Dhakal who said that Regmi will steer the company to the height of new success. IME Pay (IME Digital Solution Limited) is a subsidiary of IME Group.

Regmi was appointed in the position after his predecessor Bikas Nahata was promoted to the Director of the Board at the company.

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Learn more about the new IME Pay CEO Prevven Regmi

Regmi has a long experience of working in the fintech and banking sectors. He is knowledgeable in payment systems, banking, digital transformation, telecom, etc. Prior to joining IME Pay, he has a profile of serving at various popular companies too.

He has worked at Gateway Payment as General Manager. It is the company which is trying to introduce India’s UPI cross-border payment into Nepal. Likewise, he also served at Chhito Connect, a payment service provider in various positions.

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Regmi has a long experience working at various banks in Nepal. He started his career in 2007 as a project manager of STM Telecom. Then he served at NIC Asia Bank as ITO (Information Technology Officer) and Business Development Officer (BDO).

He then joined NMB Bank in 2017 and again served as its BDM. The new CEO OF IME Pay Regmi has attained his MBA from Purbanchal University.

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