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CineRoyal Cinema Hall: Setting a New Benchmark in The Industry

The connoisseurs of cinema in Nepalgunj have found a new destination in the CineRoyal film hall. Located in Nepalganj Sub-municipality-10 Surkhet Road is equipped with 3 screens in combination with an aesthetically designed structure that seeks to create a benchmark in the Nepali cinema industry.

From advanced technology, immersive sound quality, comfortable seating, and a pleasing atmosphere, the grandeur of the luxury cinema hall can send anyone in shock and awe.

Cine Royal has 3 auditoriums accommodating 560 seats. Dr. Rahul Thapa who owns the cinema theatre has imported all the bells and whistles for this mega project. All three auditoriums has Nepal’s first-ever JBL Atmos Sound system.

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CineRoyal Film Hall features advanced projection

Additionally, the theatre features 20,000 lumens bar projectors imported from Belgium with Galalite Mirage 3.2 3D Prism Silver Screen and 3 Beam Gate-D 3D systems from Hong Kong. The result is an exceptional combination of color and picture delivering a state-of-the-art visual aesthetic for the movie purists.

Likewise, the seating has been imported from Malaysia. The theatre has installed recliners, loungers, and slider seats. Don’t miss: Box Office System Implemented, Data To Be Released Monthly

Protection has been assured with advanced anti-fire systems and fireproof auditoriums and complies with international safety protocols. An automatic GDC theatre management system (TMS) allows for centralized control of the theatre.

Cine Royal seeks to draw Indian audiences too so it is expected to prop up the local tourism as well. The benchmark-setting theatre cost Rs 25 crore to build.

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