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You Can Buy QFX Movie Tickets Directly from Khalti, Steps

  • Smartphone users can now buy QFX movie tickets directly from Khalti digital wallet to their favorite movies, in not more than 50 seconds after the two collaborate
  • Users can also earn Khalti points with Goji Loyalty points while making ticket purchases.

Khalti users can now buy QFX movie tickets from the app and enjoy the #MyMovieMantra experience. The prominent digital wallet has signed a partnership with the leading cinema chain to allow smartphone users to book their tickets online within 50 seconds through the wallet app. Besides, you can also earn Khalti and Goji Loyalty points while booking tickets.

Previously, movie connoisseurs could book their QFX movie tickets only by logging in to the website or the app of QFX. Now, QFX’s online ticket booking service has been integrated into Khalti. It means the users of the popular digital wallet can now book the QFX movie tickets directly and instantly via the mobile wallet.

And booking a ticket won’t take more than 50 seconds to your favorite movie.

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Elevate your movie experience with the #MyMovieMantra

Apart from being able to book the tickets to your favorite movies almost in a blink, you can get other delightful add-ons, all thanks to Khalti and QFX partnership. You can:

  • Pick your preferred seat
  • Choose your favorite location for your favorite movies
  • Share tickets online with your family and friends.
buy QFX movie tickets directly from Khalti
QFX movie booking from Khalti | edited image

Besides this elevated fun, you can also earn Khalti points along with Goji Loyalty points from Khalti while, of course, buying QFX tickets via Khalti.

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Steps to buy QFX movie tickets directly from Khalti

  • Launch the Khalti app on your smartphone
  • Log in or sign up if you are creating a new account
  • Tap on the ‘Movie’ icon
  • Choose a movie
  • Select theatre and show time, and date as per your convenience
  • Select your preferred seat and tap ‘Buy Ticket’
  • Verify details and then proceed to ‘Pay’.

At the same time, you can check the current movie listing on QFX screens around the country here.

Download Khalti app: Android | iOS

How delighted are you with the #MyMovieMantra promotion that allows you to buy QFX movie tickets directly from Khalti? Do share your experience of when you book your next QFX movie ticket from the leading digital wallet in the comments below.

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