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5 Nepalese in Forbes List of 30 Under 30 Asia 2022, Learn About Them

The 5 Nepalese in Forbes List features figures from social activism, online learning services, and eCommerce.

American business magazine Forbes has released the list of 30 Under 30 Asia 2022 and the list features 5 Nepalese who have been influential in their separate fields. Those on the list are Sujit Pathak, Niraj Kafle, Santosh Pandey, Sumit Dahal, and Aishwarya Rani Singh, the only women from Nepal to get the mentioned in the prestigious list for 2022.

5 Nepalese in Forbes List

The 30 Under 30 Asia list was published on Wednesday, May 25.

Forbes said this year’s list received applications from over 4 thousand nominees who wanted to feature in the list. The magazine first nominated 300 applicants, and finally selected the 30 influential figures under the age of 30 from Asia.

5 Nepalese in the Forbes list

The list includes entrepreneurs and social activists who have played a role to harbor a positive change and attitude in society. Learn below about each figure and work in brief.

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Sujit Pathak

Sujit Pathak is the cofounder of The 29 years old entrepreneur is selected under Consumer Technology. Ingrails first started as a communication app. Now, it has become the leading online platform for schools helping with virtual classes, and other digital solutions.

Veda, the company’s prominent service has helped schools transform digital and maintain finances, operation, and store data. Especially, after the Covid-19, Veda exploded into circulation and now serves over 800 schools with its advanced range of services.

Niraj Kafle and Santosh Pandey

Both Niraj Kafle and Santosh Pandey are the co-founders of Offering Happiness. The duo is selected under Retail and eCommerce. Niraj and Santosh are respectively 28 and 25 years old.

The partners began Offering Happiness in 2017. It is a service that helps deliver gifts and surprise packages through delivery to shock and cheer dear ones. With this service, you can send gifts, dinner, or also a holiday package to your friends and family.

The recognition comes on the back of other notable mentions. Offering Happiness was featured in the “Own the Room” documentary by the National Geography channel too. Likewise, it has earned Global Student Entrepreneurship Award back in 2018.

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Sumit Dahal

Another figure in the list of 30 under 30 Asia 2022 from Nepal, Sumit Dahal is an astrophysicist and postdoctoral of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The 27 years old prodigy has built advanced telescopes to study the origin of the earth and its development. He earned the Forbes recognition in Health Care and Science.

His major contribution remains three telescopes he developed for the study of the primary microweb remains in Chile. At NASA, he develops highly sensitive superconducting sensors for telescopes.

Dahal has attained his PH.D. from John Hopkins University in Astrophysics.

Aishwarya Rani Singh

The 28 years old Aishwarya Rani Singh is the founder and Board Chair of Putali Nepal, a non-profit organization that earned Singh the recognition under Social Impact.  She is the only Nepali woman to feature in the 30 under 30 Forbes list this edition.

Putali Nepal helps youth render themselves into efficient trainers. The organization works in the field of menstrual health education. It also makes and sells menstrual cups and menstrupedia comics.

So far, the organization has inspired 1,000 women to use menstrual cups during their menstrual cycle. Likewise, 14,000 have learned its use through training.

Forbes writes that in its shortlist of 300 candidates, many from South East Asia were startups, social activists, and entrepreneurs.

It also adds that the figures in the list are chosen who are “delivering e-commerce and online learning services” and “are redefining the future of business and society in Asia.”

What do you think of Nepal’s youth gaining international fame through a global magazine like Forbes? Do share your remarks in the comments below.

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