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Send Money from Lulu International Exchange to eSewa Wallet

  • You can now send money from Lulu international exchange to your eSewa wallet directly
  • This means Nepalese living in the 7 emirates of UAE can send remittances to Nepal
  • You can also earn bonus cash for sending money

Nepalese who live in UAE can directly send remittances to the eSewa wallet in Nepal from Lulu International Exchange. Nepal’s eSewa Money Transfer has recently inked an agreement with Lulu Remittance for this service.     

With this agreement, people living in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and 7 emirates of UAE will be able to send remits to Nepal. As part of a promotion, those who send money to the eSewa wallet can also a cash bonus of Rs.77.

The partnership with Lulu Internationa Exchange will provide Nepalese with a convenient method of sending money to an eSewa wallet in Nepal. This will spare time and effort for many who have to travel and pay to send money back home.

A Nepali in UAE can send money to over 60 banks. Besides, they can also send money to the eSewa wallet. The sent money can be withdrawn from 12,000 payment centers and over 1 lakh eSewa Cash Points.

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Send money from Lulu international exchange to eSewa Wallet

Nepalese in UAE can visit any of the 83 branches and send money to Nepal via eSewa Money Transfer.  Soon, they will also be able to send money using Lulu International’s mobile app.

eSewa Remit has continuously expanded its network to allow Nepalese in more regions to send money home. Earlier, the company had joined hands with WorldRemit for international money transfers. With Skrill, the company has joined hands for making sending money to Nepal easier.

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Lulu Exchange is a leading company in UAE for remit transfer and exchange services. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

eSewa Money Transfer is a fast-growing remit company in Nepal. It obtained the license from Nepal Rastra Bank under foreign exchange regulation in 2019. The company aspires to be a leading force in digitalizing remittance transfer services in Nepal.

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