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eSewa Money Transfer and Tangopay Sign for Remit Service

eSewa Money Transfer and Tangopay have reached an agreement for remittance payment.  With this partnership, Nepalese working or living in the UK will be able to send remits to their friends and families in Nepal.

Ajes Koirala, the CEO of eSewa Money Transfer, and Basir Sangrawal, the Director of Tangopay signed the agreement papers.  

eSewa is Nepal’s prominent remit service vendor which allows Nepalese to send remits from over 200 countries. Likewise, Tangopay is a British remit company that allows remittance transfers from Britain to over 40 countries including Brazil, India, China, etc. In this list. Nepal has become the latest entry to benefit.

To send the money, Nepalese in the UK shall use Tangopay mobile app or website by utilizing the eSewa Money Transfer option.

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Send remits free for 3 months

The feature will greatly benefit Nepalese with a quick and easy cross-border remit transfer service. And it comes with some good conveniences and benefits.

When someone sends money from Tangopay, the amount is loaded into the bank account or eSewa wallet of the receiver. In addition, there won’t be any charge from Tangopay on sending remits for the first three months as part of the promotion of the service.

The recipient can receive the amount sent through Tangopay at over 18,000 payment centers across Nepal. In addition, the recipient can receive the money directly from the eSewa mobile wallet. This will get you an Rs.77 bonus amount too.

The partnership between eSewa Money Transfer and Tangopay will benefit the former’s over 5 million users in Nepal. If you have anyone living or working in the UK, you can receive money from them directly through the eSewa Money Transfer instantly.

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About eSewa Money Transfer and Tangopay

Tangopay is a licensed payment service provider in the UK which allows remit transfers to over 40 countries around the world. It provides services through a mobile app and its portal. Among its prominent services are cash pick-up, instant account credit, bank transfers, etc.

eSewa Money Transfer and Tangopay
Tangopay services

Likewise, eSewa Money Transfer allows sending remittances to over 60 bank accounts and eSewa wallet users in digital and traditional means. The service also has over 18,000 agent networks in Nepal to facilitate remittance payments.

Will the partnership between eSewa Money Transfer and Tangopay benefit you in receiving remits from the UK? Let us know in the comments

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