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Find public transport fares in Kathmandu, Bagmati Province

Bagmati Province government has slashed fares for public transport and cargo within its province including in Kathmandu. The Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Transportation said that the new charges have come into effect on July 27, Thursday.

The province lowered the fares after the federal government implemented automatic fuel pricing.

According to the newly adjusted fares, public transport charge on long-route vehicles has been decreased by 2.30%. Similarly, cargo vehicles’ transport fares within the Bagmati Province (for both short and long distances) have come down by 3.18%.

In large cities in Bagmati province, city bus fares in Kathmandu and other large cities have decreased by 3.26%.

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Revised public transport fares in Bagmati Province including Kathmandu

With the new public transport fares coming into effect, the cost for up to a 5-kilometer ride has been decreased to Rs 18 from Rs 19.

Likewise, the cost for up to 10-kilometer distance has been set at Rs 24, Rs 29 for up to 15-kilometer travel, and Rs 32 for up to 20-kilometer travel.

Passengers will need to pay Rs 37 for above 20 kilometers of transport within the Bagmati Province.

Public transport fares in Kathmandu (and Bagmati province)Cost
Up to 5 kmRs 18
Up to 10 kmRs 24
Up to 15 kmRs 29
Up to 20 kmRs 32
Up to 25 KmRs 37

Likewise, fares of cargo carriers in hilly roads and Terai have been slashed by 2.78% and 30.8% respectively for transport within Bagmati province.

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