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Government starts printing postage stamps in Nepal after 64 years

The government has started printing postage stamps (Hulak tickets) in Nepal after 64 years. The Department of Postal Service. has started cooperation with Janak Shiksha Samagri Ltd. For the printing.

The Postal Service has entrusted Janak Shiksha with the order of printing 80 lakh units of postal service tickets. This has officially restarted the “act” after nearly 6.5 decades.

So far, the government has printed its postal service tickets in India, Bangladesh, and Latvia. But the latest move should stir the government on the path of self-reliance and independence from counting on other markets to fulfill Hulak stamps.

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Communication Minister Rekha Sharma inaugurated the move after processing 11 different types of designs for postage stamps. The department says that it’s the first time after 2016 that postage stamps are now being printed inside Nepal. The spokesman for the Ministry of Communication, Information and Technology (MoCIT) Netra Prasad Subedi said that the decision to print postage stamps was made after 2016. However, they were imported from abroad. But from this year (2080), the department has started cooperation with Janak Shiksha Samagri to have them printed inside the country.

It’s expected that the homemade postage stamps will ease off the time, effort, and other processes for their utility.  

Postage stamps are required for various government services. They authenticate the legal validity of documents and services. Postage stamps come with national heroes and martyrs’ photos on them. So, it’s also a way of revering them for their contribution.

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