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Nepali Patro brings Adbhoot Radio- both radio and online news

Popular Nepali app Nepali Patro has added Adbhoot Radio, a new service that brings both radio and online news reading features to its users. Users of both Android and iOS devices can find the new feature by downloading the app’s latest version.

The app introduced the service with its “Both radio and online news” theme.

The update also allows the broadcast of radio services from Nepal and abroad and includes innovative and smart services not yet featured on any radio application. Previously, Nepali Patro brought the ability to find news read count and plenty of other cool features. The latest update brings more on board to elevate the user experience with smart features.

Adbhoot Radio – Listen to the radio and read the news

Simultaneously, you can tune in to your favorite radio and also read other news. In addition, you can also share news on social media platforms.

Users can also find the latest news from local radio/FMs in seven provinces on their page on Nepali Patro.  

Users can also learn how many users listened to the radio and received likes, etc. The app also allows logged-in users to leave their opinions on the news they listen to. Others can respond to the original comment of the user.

The latest app update lets users easily search for radios. Now users can find a search bar on the top of the app. Trending radio channels, radio channels from different provinces, radio operated by frequencies and without, and online platforms are also accessible through the tabs on top of the app.

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WC 2022 and election updates

For World Cup 2022, the new update also brings features to help you get the latest scoreboard, lineups, and live text commentary, among other features. You can also get the latest updates on the General Election 2079.

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How do you rate Nepali Patro’s new features? Do they uplift your user experience on the popular multi-purpose platform? Do share in the comments below.

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