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Know Your Parliamentarian: Find info on the elected federal representatives

It’s possible to find out the name and other information of the federal/state level representatives thanks to the Know Your Parliamentarian (KYP) web application. This online service lets you check up on the names of the parliament members serving at the federal level. This is developed by a group of inspiring individuals from Nepal, India, and Pakistan.

If you want to have an easier option to get to know our central representatives, then this web application offers a great choice. The developers earned the seed fund at the Hackathon organized by Accountability Lab and HackCorruption in Kathmandu.

KYP is powered by web-scraping technology. This enables the app to extract content from the internet using bots and other automated tools. This is also how it gathers the information of the federal parliamentarians from various reliable online sources. The group says that its inspiration behind the application is to foster “transparency, accountability, and informed civic participation.”

“Our aim is to create a one-stop destination for the reliable data of members of the Parliament of Nepal. Such applications are available in other South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh but this initiative is new for Nepal,” a member of the KYP group from Nepal said.

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How to search for the elected representatives on the Know Your Parliamentarian web application?

It’s easy to find Nepal’s elected representatives on the Know Your Parliamentarian web application. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the portal from here
  • And right on the home page, you have the federal parliament members
  • You can also search the elected representatives by province, district, constituency, name, etc.

Find your representatives from the Know Your Parliamentarian web application

Currently, Know Your Parliamentarian gives you the data of the federally elected representatives. Additionally, the diverse search options let you narrow down the list and find the elected representatives from provinces, Districts, Constituency Areas, and even MPs’ names.

Know Your Parliamentarian web application search elected representative

You can also search by gender, year (2079, 2074), and representative type (FPTP, Proportional Representation). Likewise, you can also find out the number of seats each party has won, the distribution of representatives by gender and member types, etc.

how to search on know your parliamentarian

Pares Rawal, another KYP member from India said that the team is adding more sources that will bring more information about the representatives.  

The team comprises Sujan Regmi and Surendra Koirala from Nepal, Pares Rawal from India, and Sidra Safi and Ayesh Abbasi from Pakistan. As the platform is democratic, so is the team too as they hail from different cultures.

The group writes in its portal that more advancements are along the way and it’s “filled with enhancements, user feedback implementations, and additional functionalities to make KYP an indispensable tool for civic awareness.” KYP encapsulates the ethos of democracy and you can contribute to making it better by sending bug reports, and feature requests, or by simply sharing your experience with the prodigious team.

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