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How to apply for the Fusemachines AI Fellowship 2024 in Nepal? Find out

Nepali entrepreneur Sameer Maskey-led IT firm Fusemachines has announced an AI Fellowship 2024 in Nepal. The offer includes full scholarship and certification and likewise, they will have an opportunity to serve at the very company.

Also called Micro Degree, the fellowship will acquaint students with real-life problems and solutions in AI. It will be a glorious chance to learn from experts on the array of AI topics and develop skills that will help realize a career in the AI industry.  

The Fusemachines AI scholarship will offer courses in generative AI, natural language programming, neural networks deep learning, etc.

Fusemachines is the first company to be listed on the US stock exchange. It’s a leading AI service provider with a remarkable presence in the US, Latin America, and some parts of Asia.

How to apply for a Fusemachines AI Fellowship 2024 in Nepal?

You need to follow the link below to apply for Fusemachines AI Fellowship 2024 in Nepal:

  • Visit this link or this one.
  • Click on Apply now
  • Fill out your detail
  • Upload your CV
  • Also, write about what motivates you in your AI career, etc.
  • Submit your online form

The scholarship starts this April. To get this six-month AI scholarship program, students will need to pass an exam and interview.  

Computer Science and IT students or those studying in the final year of their course are eligible for this scholarship. Candidates are required to know the programming language and English language.

After the course is completed, candidates will have the opportunity to work at Fusemachines. The company says that interested students can apply for a fellowship within March 10. This may interest you as well: Business Oxygen to Invest $1 Million in Fusemachines

Likewise, the entrance exam will be held March 11-17 and online interviews will occur between March 21-27. The Fusemachines AI Fellowship program 2024 begins April 08. For more queries on this fellowship program, don’t hesitate to leave your query in our comments section below.

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