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In-Flight Entertainment on Yeti Airlines Flights with Internet

Passengers will soon enjoy a range of in-flight entertainment on Yeti Airlines flights. The airline company has revealed that people on domestic flights will receive multiple entertainment services along with a broadband internet connection.

The internet aboard will comprise a new range of in-flight entertainment services such as listening to music, watching videos, shopping online, etc.

The in-flight internet is already available on international flights in Nepal. But Yeti Airlines made the announcement that for the first time, its domestic passengers will get connectivity while traveling by air.

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In-flight entertainment on Yeti Airlines Domestic Flights

Sudarshan Bartaula, the company spokesman said that with the internet available, passengers will be able to enjoy broadband connection on their devices.

The in-flight internet on Yeti Airlines flights will be of limited benefit but very useful. By connecting to the internet, passengers can shop online, and read books. Besides, they can also watch videos online to reduce their time.

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As part of the broader in-flight entertainment service, Yeti Airlines will also arrange for its passengers to access music, ads, games, and books. People on board of different age groups will have options to suit their taste in different entertainment services.

The airline is currently testing the service. It says the service will be rolled out soon after the trial is complete.

How do you feel about being able to enjoy in-flight internet service? If you have prior experience, do share how it was in terms of efficacy and joy in the comments below.

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