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Final of Hult Prize at IOE 2020/21 to be Organized this Saturday.

NEXTGEN, an organization of students from Pulchowk Engineering College and Hult Prize are collaborating together to organize final of ‘Hult Prize at IOE 2020-21’ on December 5 i.e. this Saturday.

A few years back an event named ‘A talk series on entrepreneurship’ was organized which got a lot of popularity as well as great engagement from people. This was the pre-event following the grand event i.e; Hult Prize at IOE 2020-21. Saturday’s event would be the major event of the preceding one.

Hult Prize at IOE: Guests

On this event, Madan Krishna Shrestha, from MahaJodi would be the major guest among many of them. Telegu Flimstar, as well as activist, Ram Pothineni and popular singer Swoopna Suman, Vlogger/Rapper Girish Khatiwada, Sudin Pokhrel, Champion of Comedy Champion season 1, Himesh Pantha, would be the other guests who would be there in the event.

Hult Prize at IOE: Judges

Similarly, the judges on the final event of Hultprize at IOE 2020-21 would be Dr Suryaraj Acharya, an expert on political and development infrastructures, Jerry Lee, Luke Smith, entrepreneur and food/agriculture expert, Arif Nezmi, Dr Ala Murabit, Yasmat Saikat, who have been a major influencer for UN as well as Bill and Melinda Gates Institute.


They will select a winner from 25 teams coming through 13 different engineering college. The best team would be selected in terms of the idea and presentation.

These teams have participated in many workshops and training which was organized online by NEXTGEN, a student organization of Pulchowk Campus as well as Hult prize at IOE. Special training and workshops included national/international experts.

The students who participated on Hultprize at IOE 2020-21 could get giveaways and prizes which is equivalent to NRS 12 lakhs in terms of monetary value. The students who finish on top 3 could get an opportunity to participate in the regional competition which would be organized abroad.

There are regional events organized on more than 50+ countries. After the regional competition, the global event will be organized in London. The final event will be organized at the headquarter of the United Nations. The winner which would win 1 million USD would also be decided in the final event.

Nepal Telecom are the platinum sponsers for Hult prize at IOE 2020-21 and Rastriya Banijya Bank are Golden sponsers.

On the following day, there would also be many entertainment events from cultural programmes to many more. The program would last from 10 AM to 7 PM.

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