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eSewa to Revoke Transaction Charges After Wide Criticism

Leading digital platform eSewa has decided to cancel its widely criticized transaction charge a few days after announcing its implementation. The leading payment service provider now says that the decision to track back on services is to avoid the policy which could affect customer experience.

Earlier this month, the mobile payment vendor had slapped service charges on P2P transactions (eSewa to eSewa) done more than twice a day. Similarly, the policy applied to transactions carried out after 30 sessions a month. After the transaction limit is reached, users would have to pay Rs 5 for each transaction. The company reasoned that it was to curb the misuse of eSewa for transfer purposes.

The decision however attracted fury on social media with many users venting their anger on eSewa’s posts while many dedicated their own posts to criticize the policy. The dissatisfied users threatened to switch to other digital wallet services over eSewa transaction charges.

But what should be welcome news to millions of its active user base, the company says it will soon reverse the decision back to the old system.

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eSewa money transfer charges were to control unauthorized use of the wallet

eSewa’s Chief Manager Ashish Gautam says, “The company’s plan with the transaction charges was to contain the growing use of eSewa for illegitimate uses. But since it has a chance of hurting our customers, we have decided to terminate the service charge,” he said.

He also rejected the claim that the idea was to make money off it. “It is seen as an attempt to make money out of it”, Gautam said, “But it’s not our objective.” He claimed that the reason behind the infamous decision was to curb the use of eSewa for betting and hundi (unauthorized money transfer). After Nepal Rastra Bank made it tough with the remittance services, eSewa became a go-to choice for many to use for Hundi purposes.

Gautam adds that an overwhelming majority of eSewa users only transact twice at most. So, those remaining sessions were charged so as to discourage illegal use of it. But he admits that with the criticism hurled at it, the company realized that the market is not ready to validate such a policy as yet.

Were you concerned with the eSewa money transfer charge or you were not to be affected by it? Do share with us in below in the comments.

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