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E-Sifaris Service Begins in 30 Wards of Kathmandu

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has started an e-Sifaris service in Kathmandu (online recommendation service). As per the unified electronic service system, the local body has started the service in 30 wards. The online system includes recommendation, registration, and dispatch services.

Namraj Dhakal, head of the Information Technology Department of the Kathmandu Metropolitan city informed that after the e-sifaris system begins in ward number 13 and 32, the online recommendation service of all the wards will be connected to the electronic system.

“The results will come when the public start using the system,” Dhakal said, “so the next step is to get the people to get used to the system.”

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How to use e-sifaris service in Kathmandu?

To use the e-sifaris service in Kathmandu, you need to download and launch the Kathmandu Metropolitan Mobile app. The app has the logo of the city which helps identify it.

e-sifaris service in kathmandu metropolitan app
KMC Mobile App

Likewise, the service also serves users with a document with a digital signature after the verification of the user profile. The app has features allowing users to contact the mayor, submit complaints, and find the local government’s plans gazette, charter, and other vital information.

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